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Ashes Scattering
Circle of Remembrance
Scattering of Ashes and Burials at Sea

Mother Earth and her oceans take back what she has given.

We offer a peaceful resting place for those you loved and
cared about.

The F/V RIPTIDE is a charter vessel operating from Pillar Point Harbor. Pillar Point Harbor is located just north of Half Moon Bay and just south of San Francisco, California. One of our special services is to help you to respectfully and economically memorialize your loved ones with ashes scattering on the ocean. For cremated remains burials at sea, we bring our personal experiences with the loss of loved ones to our clients. We understand the difficulty surrounding this time and work closely with our clients to ensure that their wishes are met. Our Captain will provide you with a Certificate commemorating the date and exact location ( longitude & Latitude of the cremation dispersal .

The RIPTIDE is owned and operated by  Captain William Smith . All arrangements are made directly with us and we will customize the memorial to meet your needs (within the bounds of the law). Capt. Smitty is a veteran charter skipper with over thirty five years of experience operating boats from local Bay Area harbors.

Authorization form  for the Scattering of Cremated Remains at Sea



We hold all of the necessary permits and licenses to disperse ashes at sea, including:
State of California Cremated Remains Disposer License: Number 476
U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Certification: Number 501-216
Captain William E. Smith, U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Merchant Marine Officer: Number 843229
Member in Good Standing: Drug Testing Consultants

We are fully insured and certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to carry up to 20 passengers.

Call us directly at
and we will personally discuss your plans with you. 
mail to:  Capt. Smitty 

Basic Scattering: $400
The basic scattering provides you with the exclusive use of the RIPTIDE for you and your guests (up to 17 passengers total) for one hour. There is a $2.50 per person harbor charge for everyone aboard the vessel.
 We only take one group at a time. Being on time is critical for all concerned.
Late fees are $20 per every 10 minuets!!

 The Captain will take you beyond the harbor area a short distance and will assist you with the scattering.

We will memorialize your loved one with the Circle of Remembrance, circling the area while providing a time of quiet reflection for the family and guests on board.

Unaccompanied Scattering  or from Out of State
We now offer to receive your loved ones cremains by mail and can scatter them for you.  This can be documented with a picture for you as well as the purchase of flowers. Please inquire for these special services (for which there is an additional charge).
For cremations that are done outside the State of California, we require completion of the following form (click on mailing instructions below) and also a copy of the death certificate so that we can obtain on your behalf a California Certificate of Dispersal.

For Un assisted Scatterings or out of state go to: mailing_instructions

RIPTIDE is not affiliated with any one religious faith. All faiths are welcome.

Our prices vary depending upon your needs.
All ashes scatterings include completion of the paperwork accompanying the ashes, indicating the coordinates (Latitude/Longitude) of the scattering site, a personalized certificate from RIPTIDE, and required reporting to the EPA.

Additional charges will be incurred if you wish us to assist in providing a clergy person, or if we are asked to provide fresh-cut flowers to scatter on the ocean.

Yes, we are happy to help you arrange for your pet’s cremated remains to be scattered.


Other Locations:
Many times people have specific locations where they would like to have their loved one’s ashes scattered. These requests can usually be met for an additional charge. Some examples of scattering locations in our area are: Montara Beach, Mavericks, Moss Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I make arrangements for scattering my loved one’s ashes from the RIPTIDE? 
Call us directly at  650-728-8433 and we will personally discuss your plans with you. 
Or :

mail to:  Capt. Smitty 

What time of day do you schedule scatterings?
We usually schedule scatterings for the late afternoon (approximately 3:30- 4:00 p.m.)

How do I pay for the scattering?
Once we have settled on a date, we request payment in advance. We will provide you with instructions when we book the date. We only take cash,  Master card or Visa As well as a money order.

Will weather conditions effect the arrangements we make for a specific date?
Weather may very well cause us to reschedule the scattering. The Captain will determine this and will advise you. If we have to reschedule your date, we will apply the prepayment to a future date.

How big is the boat, does it have a bathroom?
The RIPTIDE is 40’ long, fiberglass, and includes an inside cabin area and toilet.

How many people can come?   
The vessel is certified to carry a maximum of 17 passengers. You can have up to that amount. There is a $2.50 per person harbor charge for everyone aboard the vessel.

Can we bring wine for a toast?
Yes, you can provide your own beverages for toasting your loved one.

Can we bring a floral wreath for the scattering?
We encourage you to memorialize your loved one in an ecologically sound fashion. Our clients bring cut flowers  that can go in the water without causing any problems to animals, fish, or birds. We cannot allow any plastic, cardboard or other artificial products that are not biologically friendly.

What should we wear?
Even for a one hour cruise to scatter ashes, we always remind people to dress warmly, wear flat shoes with non-skid soles.

Do you take credit cards?
YES at this time, RIPTIDE also accepts payments in cash or money order.

Do you scatter ashes for us if we cannot accompany the cremains to Half Moon Bay?
Yes, We can accommodate those who wish to send a loved one unaccompanied. We ask that you telephone us to make preliminary arrangements and so we can answer any questions that you may have. In addition, we require that you complete the authorization form and mailing instructions as outlined on our page entitled "Mailing Instructions." A certified copy of the Death Certificate is also required.

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